Happy Easter

Argyll and West Dunbartonshire residents urged to  stay in the house

As the Easter holiday weekend gets under way, Chief Superintendent John Paterson has asked people in Argyll and West Dunbartonshire to continue staying at home to save lives and protect the NHS.

The divisional commander said: “We are so grateful to the overwhelming majority of people who are complying with the instruction from government to stay at home.

“At Easter, I understand that this is particularly difficult as it is normally a time of year when people travel to or around our division to spend time in some of our beautiful locations.

“But we are asking people to continue making those significant changes to their lives for the benefit of all of us. Connect with friends online instead of in person and, at this time, only travel if it’s essential.

Chief Constable Iain Livingstone and FM Nicola Surgeon.

“The Chief Constable stressed the importance of this when he spoke with the First Minister today and asked the public to continue with the changes, even during the holiday and as the weather gets better.

“Police Scotland will have dedicated patrols in the division throughout the weekend and our officers will engage with people, establish their individual circumstances and explain the risks to public health of failing to comply with guidance. As a last resort, we will use the enforcement powers available to us.

“Thanks to all of our communities who are playing their part in this collective effort to tackle the spread of coronavirus.”

Under the emergency powers relating to coronavirus, a total of 42 Fixed Penalty Notices were handed out in Argyll and West Dunbartonshire between March 27 and April 9. 

Happy Easter stay safe



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  1. Yes it’s all hands to the pumps to lock down the community now and stop the spread.

    But only a few weeks ago we were allowing pop concerts, rugby matches and keeping schools open in a spread the virus, protect the economy strategy, and too bad if a few pensioners die. In fact a few weeks before that we were told the HM Government and the NHS were well prepared.

    Ah well, policies change, with even Boris Johnson’s father now saying that we need to take the pandemic seriously and play the game safely.

    But let us make no mistake, we let the madman and his chums dictate the policy, and we in Scotland played along in absolute lockstep. And now sadly, we reap the reward as we desperately now try to constrain the virus.

    Donkeys to the slaughter led do I hear people say. Well maybe, because some of us are some of us are asking that question. And police fixed penalties. Mere sticking plasters on an already severed artery.

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