Freeman announces 24 more deaths

fREEMAN ON tvBy Democrat reporter

New figures show that a further 24 people with coronavirus have died in Scotland, bringing the total to 566.

The Scottish government said 5,912 people had now tested positive for the virus, an increase of 322 from Saturday.

In total, 31,114 patients have been tested across the country.  A total of 1,755 people were in hospital on Saturday with either confirmed or suspected coronavirus, 221 of whom were in intensive care.

This is down from 1,855 people in hospital on Friday, the first time there has been a fall in this tally since the start of the outbreak.

Health Secretary Jeane Freeman, above left,  has cautioned against reading too much into the drop in numbers of patients in Scottish hospitals.

“It is too early to read anything into that,” she said.


  1. Why are police out in force in Dumbarton stopping cars and booking motorists?

    There was a flurry of this yesterday afternoon and no the police were not wearing masks.

  2. This particular Coronavirus, Covid-19 is causing for a percentage of sufferers severe disease and death, but many are, from early studies, without symptoms and most recover.
    Therefore, I would suggest the use of the term plague is inappropriate. Bubonic plague in medieval times had death rates of between 50% and 100% ( for those with septicaemia) and the term has a lingering pejorative implication for sufferers.

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