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By Democrat reporter

Coronavirus-related deaths were 41% higher in England and Wales than the government’s hospital-only figures in the week to 10 April, Good Friday.

Nicola Sturgeon FM is scheduled to give the Scottish figures at a media conference in Edinburgh at 12.30pm.

The new statistics, revealed in an Office for National Statistics report, take into account deaths outside of hospitals.

Overall, 13,121 deaths involving COVID-19 have occurred in England and Wales up to 10 April, and registered up to 18 April, which is 41% higher than the 9,288 people who died in UK hospitals during the same period reported by the Department of Health.

The figures have been labelled “sad and shocking”, with Labour saying they were “only scratching the surface of the emerging crisis in social care”.

Ministers have promised to ramp up testing for social care workers and residents, pledging tests for all those who need them, as well as improving access to vital protective equipment.

And following demands for the government to set out daily figures for care home deaths, the ONS will from next week publish totals of deaths involving COVID-19 in care homes, with the figures based on deaths reported by care home operators to the Care Quality Commission.

The latest ONS weekly total shows that there were 1,662 deaths involving the coronavirus in England and Wales registered up to 10 April that happened outside of hospital.

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  1. What the figures have gone up. Somebody been pochling the figures. Putting a spin on it. deferring the bad news?

    Ah well they did after all hold five days of spread the virus at the Cheltenham Festival in March just days before the complete lock down.

    Packing 250,000 into a race course was not a mistake. It was deliberate and by jingo it got the virus spread. Apparently the death rates in the Cheltenham NHS Trust are over two times the rate of neighbouring trusts. But of course itcwentcwidervthan that, and that was the plan.

    And before we get complacent up here in Aberdeen we packed 12,000 into a Lewis Capaldi concert.

    Herd immunity, let a few old folk die. Yes Sir, that was the plan. And now having let the genie out of the bottle we’re having all the fun of the fair trying to get it back in after it’s spread.

    With 30,000 dead and around 35% to 40% of the economy gone over the last month there are some big questions to be asked of Bojo and the boys. But do you think they’ll tell. Course not, Foreign Secretary Hancock today is reported as having rejected all calls for an enquiry. So folks will just have to put up with it.

    Box em up, and put em down cowboy! We voted for this tragedy. We allowed it to happen. And now we pay the price.

    And where’s Boris Johnson. Keeping out of the way. Bet you all wish you could be a toff like him, ding the Cobra meetings for weekends in the country with the bird, whilst meanwhile the home team slumbers.

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