If it was urgent before COVID-19, it is urgent now, says Are Health Board

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A message from Dr Scott Davidson, Deputy Medical Director for Acute and Dr Kerri Neylon, Deputy Medical Director for Primary Care at NHSGGC.

We understand the COVID-19 pandemic may have made people anxious about accessing healthcare services in the same manner they would previously have done.

However, we would like to reassure everybody that we have both the capacity, and the patient pathways in place to ensure anyone requiring urgent hospital care, COVID-19 or non-COVID-19, is appropriately and safely assessed.

If you have symptoms of COVID-19 that are deteriorating including persistent fever, worsening cough or breathlessness then please call NHS24 on 111.  This may involve being assessed at one of our established COVID-19 Community Assessment Centres.

For all other health issues please do not delay in contacting your GP as you normally would. It is incredibly important that if you do have symptoms that are of significant concern and may reflect an underlying serious illness such as cancer, that you are assessed as quickly as is possible.

Our GPs are all open and you will initially be assessed over the phone by a clinician who you can talk to about your symptoms. If required, a follow up video consultation or face-to-face appointment will take place at your practice.

For patients suspected of having cancer, please rest assured if you are referred on to the hospital that our hospital based speciality teams will arrange assessment for you as quickly as is possible.

We have all had to make changes to the way we work due to COVID-19 and it may be that you are offered a telephone or video (attend anywhere) appointment with your consultant, rather than visiting the outpatient clinic. You may be offered a test such as a specialized scan as a first assessment, with appropriate advice, reassurance, or, a follow up appointment and plan for further investigations, if required.

Please be reassured that every precaution has been taken to shield you from COVID-19. If you do require to visit a hospital site, our staff will work with you to provide specific times to attend via safe pathways separate from other patients. If transport is required, we can provide that as well.

All our staff are trained in the correct procedures and will be wearing appropriate PPE to ensure that neither you, nor anyone else is put at risk.

Your safety and well-being are our utmost priorities, and the sooner you are able to be assessed, the sooner we can put you on the appropriate care pathway.

Remember, if it was urgent before COVID-19, it is urgent now



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