Alex Salmond – claims former First Minister was victim of a “stitch up” – Jim Sillars and FM Nicola Sturgeon.

By Paul Hutcheon in the Daily Record

A new pro-independence party may have to set up because the SNP is so rotten, according to a veteran Nationalist.

Jim Sillars claimed the fallout from the Alex Salmond trial would be like a “volcanic eruption” and said something “new” and “untainted” may have to replace the SNP.

Salmond, who was First Minister between 2007 and 2014, was cleared at a trial in March of sexually assaulting nine women.

Some of his female accusers are in the SNP and the former leader’s supporters believe there was an attempt to stitch him up.

Salmond is understood to be writing a book about the trial and an initial Scottish Government investigation into him over misconduct claims, which he successfully challenged in court.

In the forthcoming issue of the Scottish Left Review, Sillars, a former SNP depute leader said: “The criminal trial of Alex Salmond may be over, but the trial of the SNP both at party and parliamentary level is yet to begin.

“It is unavoidable. The book he is writing, with the material he was not allowed to produce at trial, but which has all the authenticity of Scottish government and SNP party documents, will be like a volcano going off underneath some people.

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  1. The SNP are electorally popular and then some and the demand for independence is higher now that it was at the 2014 referendum.

    Concomitantly the Westminster Government is more unpopular now than it has ever been and the Union is at its weakest.

    Out of Europe against our will there is real concern as to why the SNP leadership is not pursuing independence. The fabled section 30 referendum has not been delivered. But that is not the only route to independence.

    Scotland was a country long before the 1998 Scotland Act. With its separate legal system, separate legislature, and all of its history there are good grounds for Scotland to successfully pursue legal redress against the UK.

    In 2014 the people of Scotland were told that the only way to remain in the EU was to vote No. in 2016 European referendum the people of Scotland vote 63% to remain in the EU with only 37% wishing to leave. But despite the 2014 promise and 2016 democratic vote, Scotland has been ripped out of the EU against her will.

    And how does this sit against the Act of Union of 1707. A treaty signed in the basement of a house whilst riotous discontent spread across Scotland, there are many eminent constitutional thinkers who believe that the treaty, which did not abolish the Scottish parliament, but merely prorogued it, has been broken many many times. So why the adherence to a section 30 referendum. Are we really saying that Scotland didn’t exist prior to 1998, and that all power comes from a supreme Westminster and not it’s 1998 statutory creation. Seems that we are.

    But it is in the trial of Alex Salmond that may be the straw that breaks the current leadership’s back. The acquittal of Alex Salmond on not one, but thirteen charges of sexual crime is being exposed for what it is. A stitch up with the express purpose of destroying the man who ran the establishment close.

    And the complainers, who were quite clearly a coordinated group close to the First Minister, who put them up to it. Who created a Police Scotland ‘ Alex Salmond Team’ who should more appropriately be described as the Police Scotland ‘ Political Suppression Team ‘

    This team is still active and in conjunction with the Crown Office it is now pursuing independence journalists and online bloggers raiding their homes to seize computers and phones. And what about AUOB independence March organisers being charged by police for alleged breaches of civic regulations. Manny Singh being one example. Who is organising and instructing this.

    We’re it not for the rock solid belief in the cause of independence and self imposed iron discipline the SNP membership would be at war. But they aren’t precisely because of that. But that doesn’t mean no change.

    Like the ancient Kings of Scotland, and as espoused by the 1320 Declaration of Arbroath, leaders are only leaders by the will of the people.

    It is therefore is just a matter of time until the conspirators to the Alex Salmond trial become public knowledge. And Jim Sillars is right, it will be like a volcano going off. Whether it will split the party is another matter altogether. Rather it may invigorate the party with a new leadership, a leadership not in subservient lockstep to Westminster, but a leadership committed to the people of Scotland.

    That together with the unfolding economic horror brought about by a callous and complacent Westminster Government, and a compliant First Minister in deliberately pursuing a policy of viral spread may very well take us to where we want to be.

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