Sinclair - Rt Rev Colin Sinclair pays his respects at the war memorial in Carluke's Market Square

The Rt Rev Colin Sinclair visiting a war memorial in Carluke.

Moderator asks church members to remember VE day with prayer

By Jane Bristow

The Rt Rev Colin Sinclair, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, has asked church members to pray as they remember the 75th anniversary of VE day, Friday 8 May 1945, when the Second World War ended in Europe.

He said: “It is too easy to get so focused on the impact of Coronavirus that we forget other important aspects of life and of our history.

“This week we mark the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. Although there are increasingly few veterans of that War still alive, the world we live in was shaped by the outcome of the Second World War.”This week we mark the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. Although there are increasingly few veterans of that War still alive, the world we live in was shaped by the outcome of the Second World War.

“When it happened, while the war in the Far East still had three terrible months to run, the nation rightly celebrated the ending of a conflict in which so many both military and civilians suffered.

“The hope and prayer then, and still is today, was that war would be consigned to history and the nations would work together to build a better world in days of peace.

“For that we still work and pray, but on VE Day we pray and remember.”

Prayer for the 75th Anniversary of VE Day

Trusting the promises of God,
and with faith in his mercy,
let us pray to the Lord
on this the 75th Anniversary of VE Day
Let us pray.

Let us give thanks
for the selfless and courageous service

and sacrifice of those who brought peace to Europe,
and for the good example they have given us.


Let us pray for nations still devastated by war,
for their people and their leaders,
and for those who suffer
the effects or memories of past wars;
for veterans,
for those who mourn,
and for all innocent victims
whose lives have been shattered
by the cruelty of others.


Let us give thanks for those
who work for peace and liberty
throughout the world,
for the Armed Forces of the Crown,
and for all who strive
to bring an end to injustice and oppression.


Let us pray for those in our own day
who have grown weary or lost hope
as a result of violence or terror;
for all refugees and displaced people,
and for those who seek to address
the causes of discord and distrust.


Let us give thanks
for the reconciliation of former enemies,
for the flourishing of goodwill between them,
and for the many blessings we enjoy
as a result of the sacrifices
which have made for peace.


Let us pray for the young people
of our own day
and for all who will shape
the future of this nation,
that they may be inspired
by those who have gone before them
to serve as they have been served.


As generations before us fought for peace,that the world might never again know
such violence and destruction. may we work for peace and reconciliation
in our homes and communities,
and promote peace throughout the world.


As they fought for justice,
that the scourge of prejudice and oppression
might never again take root in our societies
may we work for a world
in which hatred and injustice
never have the final word,
and where all people
can flourish with dignity and hope.


As they struggled
so that the whole human family
might know good will, security, and freedom.
may we always acknowledge
how precious are the gifts
which God has entrusted to us,
and exercise the freedoms
and responsibilities we have
with gratitude and humility.


So we pledge ourselves to serve you
and all humankind, in the cause of peace,
for the relief of want and suffering,
and for the praise of your name.
May almighty God, who has given us
the will to undertake these things,
bless us with the strength to perform them.
Guide us by your Spirit;
give us wisdom; give us courage;
give us hope;
and keep us faithful now and always.


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