Life’s a Beech for residents in new Haldane housing development.

By Democrat reporter

An opportunity has been squandered to introduce some colourful and imaginative streets names to Haldane in Balloch.

Two roads which are being constructed as part of a new Council housing development in Haldane will be called after the nearby park.

The streets in the 58-property site were named Inler Drive and Inler Place, following a decision at a meeting of West Dunbartonshire Council’s planning committee on Wednesday.

The names seem particularly dull since the opportunity to call the streets after places on the Bonnie Banks was passed over by the councillors.

The names were chosen due to the close proximity of Inler Park, which was recently improved to include landscaping, sports pitches and new park furniture.

A range of new homes will be available at the 2.4 hectare site, including one and two-bed flats, three-bed bungalows, as well as three and four bed semi-detached and detached houses, with a number which are wheelchair accessible.

Following consultation with community councillors and ward members, the names Beech Drive and Beech View were put forward, referencing a number of Beech trees in the location.

However, committee members suggested Inler Drive, which was one of the names suggested through the community council, would be more suitable for the area.

Councillor Diane Docherty, Vice Chair of the Planning Committee, who also chaired the meeting held over teleconference, said: “I am pleased  the chosen name references a park which is of such a great importance to the local community. Given there will be improved links to Inler park via a footpath being created in this development, I think the chosen name is very fitting.”

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  1. What a good focus for a home teleworking councillor.

    A good traditional name Inler Drive. Certainly matches up with the traditional Gaelic place names in and around the loch.

    Vision from one of our councillors I’m pleased that she’s pleased. In fact we should all be pleased.

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