Coronavirus claims the lives of three more people in Scotland

Confirmed death toll in Scotland from Covid-19 is now 2273 with 15,156 cases.

Sturgeon at FMQs 2
Nicola Sturgeon

Coronavirus has claimed the lives of another three people in Scotland, with confirmed cases of the virus reaching 15,156.

It takes the death toll among confirmed Covid-19 patients to 2273 but the total including suspected deaths is just over 3700.

In total, 1269 people are in hospital with confirmed or suspected Covid-19.

Out of those, 40 people are in intensive care, the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said, cautioning that the death toll was often low on a Monday due to reduced weekend reporting.

On Thursday the Scottish Government hope to begin easing the lockdown, having published its four-phase plan to gradually bring back some normality to people’s lives in Scotland.

Coronavirus restrictions are reviewed every three weeks, and any changes will be closely monitored – meaning if the rate of the virus’ transmission increases, measures could be reimposed.

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