Domestic Ann makes a clean exit from hospital after beating Covid-19

Guard of honour for Ann as she leaves the hospital.

By Democrat reporter

NHS Domestic Ann McFadyen got the red carpet treatment from colleagues as she left the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital after five and a half weeks there.

Three of those weeks were spent in Intensive Care in an induced coma, as medics battled to keep her alive.

Staff – many of whom are her colleagues – formed a Guard of Honour as she finally left hospital having made a full recovery.

“I cannot put into words just how happy I am to be getting my mum home. I honestly thought this day would never come,” said Ann’s daughter Sharon McDonald.

Ann (63), who has been an NHSGGC domestic for more than 20 years, was admitted to hospital on 21 April after falling ill.

Sharon said: “I can’t thank the ICU staff enough. They saved her life and gave me my mum back. They were amazing.

“When she was in a coma, her nurse would call me and ask what mattered to my mum? They wanted to know her interests and her favourite music. When I asked why she said: ‘I want to talk to your mum and play her music she loves. I need to know what she cares about most.’

“So they played her Lewis Capaldi and talked to her about her grand-daughters.

“I was amazed. Not only were they looking after her physically, they truly cared and went above and beyond every day. They kept us informed about every development and were completely honest with us.

“I went to bed every night wondering who I could invite to her funeral and had to hide just how bad she was from my girls. But that nightmare is over and she’s coming home.

Ann’s boss at the Brownlee Centre at Gartnavel Hospital is Marjorie McCulloch, who was delighted to greet her colleague as she left the Queen Elizabeth.

She said: “I can’t express enough, how thoroughly delighted we all are to hear of Ann’s recovery.

“Ann is a truly valued member of our team and has never been far from our thoughts.  She is known for her smiling face and sunny nature.

“This has been a very anxious wait for all her family, friends and colleagues at the Gartnavel Hospitals and will offer a huge lift to all hospital workers at what can only be described as one of the most challenging times we have ever experienced in the NHS.

“We would also like to pay a huge tribute to our dedicated, hard-working colleagues at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital who have nursed and cared for Ann throughout her illness. You are all heroes, inspirational and deserve our life-long gratitude

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  1. Fantastic.

    What can you say when folks put themselves on the line to give others the gift of life.

    But why were so many medical staff, assistants and carers left unprotected without equipment when the virus took off.

    And will we all remember in a years time when a UK – US post Brexit trade deal is concluded, and where, without doubt, medicines and healthcare will be part of that deal.

    Yes we clapped, and we felt good about clapping. But it’s more than that.

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