FM must set out detailed plan to get non-urgent healthcare running

Willie Rennie, Vale Hospital, the RAH at Paisley and staff working there.

By Democrat reporter

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has today called on the Scottish Government to set out detailed plans to get non-urgent healthcare up and running as he warned that those living in pain needed to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Speaking ahead of a Scottish Parliament debate on the easing of lockdown, Mr Rennie said:

“Every week I am contacted by people who are either living with painful conditions, struggling with their mental health or waiting on operations that have been deemed non-urgent.

“These people have bravely and stoically put up with much discomfort because they understand the importance of the lockdown to keeping everybody safe, but this situation cannot last forever.

“This week the First Minister must set out detailed plans for getting non-urgent healthcare up and running and alleviating the pressure on those suffering at home, in isolation or trapped in hospital. This needs to be done safely but while we protect people from the virus, we cannot ignore the plight of people suffering under the lockdown.

“What’s more, for the foreseeable future we are likely to see significant backlog of mental health cases, surgery waits and the like. Ministers will need to set out exactly how long people can expect to wait for their overdue treatment and what additional measures will be put in place to cut waiting times.

“These would be simple steps that the Government could take to give people hope for the future. If the Government is able to prioritise these complex issues it would have our full support.”


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