Jane family painting 1

How do children pass the time during the pandemic lockdown? I received a pleasant surprise and an insight into what they are up to when this painting by my granddaughter, 11-year-old Jane Heaney, dropped into my in-box. From afar, I believed for a fleeting moment it was copied from a painting by Joan Eardley, whose brilliant paintings I had used on the covers of my own social history book Two Minutes Silence. But No, this was just Jane’s version of a photograph I had taken at her Aunt Josie’s birthday party in Cardross Golf Club. Everyone’s older now. Except Auntie Josie, of course, who intends to hang on to the age she had then. I think the painting is wonderful, but why wouldn’t I? I am Jane’s proud grampa after all.  Two Minutes Silence by Bill Heaney is available by dropping an e mail to


The gang’s all here. That’s the great artist in the middle there, Jane, with her teddy bear and her cousins, Ben, Freya, Rebecca and Hannah – and yet another bear.


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