Archbishops Tartaglia (Glasgow) and Cushley (Edinburgh) and Bishop McGee (Argyll and the Isles). Pictures by Bill Heaney

By Bill Heaney

The Scottish Government’s decision not to allow places of worship to open for communal worship until 23 July at the earliest came under fire from bishops tonight.

A statement issued at tea time on Friday evening said: “The Catholic Church has responded positively to government requests from the very beginning of lockdown and submitted detailed protocols for infection control and staged reopening to the Scottish Government over three weeks ago, without any objection from the government.

“The Church has continued to engage with government and the reopening of churches for personal prayer since Monday (22 June) has allowed time to assess the procedures in place to assure public safety.

“With these considerations in mind, further delays to communal worship appear unjustified.

“The Bishops’ Conference will convey these views to the Scottish Government as a matter of urgency.”

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  1. Is the Bishop a health profession skilled in epidemiology and or virology. On what public health calculation has he predicated his complaint that it is unjustified to restrict communal worship, or at least communal worship with the confines of a church.

    Moreover with church congregations tending to be older, has that factored into his thinking.

    I’m sure the Bishop has the very best interests of the dioceses at heart. But.the continuing restrictions, and not just on the churches, will have been made upon ongoing assesments assessments of risk.

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