Fourth day in a row with no Covid-19 deaths, reports FM Sturgeon

By Bill Heaney

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon confirmed an additional five positive cases of Covid-19 yesterday, taking the total to 18,241 confirmed cases.

A total of 740 patients are currently in hospital with the virus, confirmed or suspected, 38 fewer than yesterday.

There is no change in the number of confirmed cases in hospital.  A total of 10 people last night were in ICUs, three fewer than yesterday.

Since the 5 March a total of 4,051 patients who had tested positive have now been able to leave hospital.

“In the past 24 hours I am pleased to report no deaths were registered of a patient confirmed through a test as having Covid-19,” the first minister added.

The total number of deaths remains at 2,482 by one reckoning and more than 4000 by another.

“This is the fourth day in a row when no deaths of patients confirmed through a test have been recorded.”

The first minister added the caveat that registration of deaths can be artificially low as it was the weekend.

However, she adds: “But there is no doubt that these recent figures demonstrate beyond any doubt how much progress Scotland has made in terms tackling Covid.”

 FM Sturgeon – be careful out there, it hasn’t gone away you know.

Ms Sturgeon says that is down to the efforts and sacrifices of everyone across the country.

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