Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie (top) and the masks he wants to see distributed across the country.

By Bill Heaney

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has today called for the Scottish Government to work with transport bosses and local authorities to make face coverings and hand sanitiser available across the country.

Mr Rennie is calling for mask vending machines to be set up at prominent locations such as bus and train stations and shopping centres to allow everyone to have access to masks.

Mr Rennie said: “Across the globe we are seeing the mounting importance of face coverings in every day life. As we move out of lockdown and people venture out more to work, shop or see friends it’s important that there are plentiful and readily available supplies. 

“People have been extraordinarily inventive in producing masks at home but making sure that everyone has access to a quality covering could be crucial in helping to keep the infection rate low as more and more of us return to our regular workplaces. If masks are to be mandatory on public transport and recommended elsewhere, they need to be accessible to all.

“That’s why I’m calling on the Scottish Government to work with local authorities and transport bosses. ScotRail have already taken steps to make masks available but we need a comprehensive system of supply so masks are available in a wide range of places. We need a national program to make masks and sanitiser available at bus and train stations, shopping centres and other prominent locations so that everyone is safe.”

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  1. I wish someone would give Wee Willie a mask, and the bigger the better.

    Some four months into the crisis it’s fantastic that Willie has now had the intellectual rigour to step forward with this initiative.

    A vending machine initiative seems to be what he’s calling for. And at prominent locations too.
    And the Scottish Government to work with transport bosses and local authorities too, our Willie is truly on the ball.

    ScotRail have been giving out masks at main railway stations. Shops and supermarkets are selling masks. So are industrial and domestic suppliers.

    But we need a national machine initiative. But who would run these machines one asks. A Serco or a Capita for and on behalf of who. How much would they charge. How would they stock them. Where exactly would you locate them and how many. Or what about schools, hospitals, care homes. Do we need vending machines in there too.

    Or what If everyone just continued to use the shops, supermarkets, industrial and domestic suppliers, or even make their own. These outlets are ubiquitous, and masks could be stocked as ubiquitously beside the check out till as are the shopping bags.

    But I digress. Maybe a national debate is required. Government, transport bosses and local authorities maybe need to speak. And health officials to even! Willie is on the ball. He’ll keep em straight.

    In the meantime. Folks should use common sense and try and keep safe maintaining distance, observing hygiene rules, and yes wearing masks when in enclosed public area. The virus has not gone away as England now know following their rush to get back to normal.

    The surging cases in the city of Leicester and the requirement to re lockdown is testimony to that. And maybe, just maybe, this is something Willie Rennie might wish to raise with his parliamentary colleague Jackson Carlow as he bellows at the First Minister to relax all precautions in line with England.

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