Optometrists to reopen for face-to-face consultations from [today] Monday

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Opticians in Dumbarton and Alexandria are now open after lockdown.

By Democrat reporter

Patients across Greater Glasgow and Clyde will be able to see their optometrists in person from Monday (29 June) next week as practices in the community begin to reopen for face-to-face emergency and essential eye-care consultations.

Providing they can meet requirements set out to operate safely in the context of COVID-19, most practices across NHSGGC will be able to see and treat patients. In preparation, NHSGGC is distributing full PPE supplies to all practices.

The move to reinstate emergency and essential eye-care in the community forms part of NHSGGC’s phased re-mobilisation of services and is in line with the Scottish Government’s route map.

Essential eye-care is defined as appointments for patients who would not normally be considered emergencies but where a delay in examination may be detrimental to a patient’s sight of well-being. The provision of routine eye-care remains suspended until further notice.

Throughout the pandemic the vast majority of optometrists have been able to continue delivering advice and treatment via telephone and video consultations. Thanks to highly effective referral pathways and the establishment of emergency eye-care treatment centres, emergency treatment has been able to take place where necessary.

The use of telephone and video triage and assessment will continue for all practices as a method of minimising the requirement for face-to-face assessment and maximising safety.   Patients should continue to contact their optometrists by phone in the first instance.

Eddie McVey, Optometric Adviser at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, said:  “We are pleased to announce the move into the next phase of recovery as services gradually reopen in line with national guidance and we will continue to provide support and advice to all optometrist practices in the Greater Glasgow and Clyde community to ensure a smooth and safe transition back to the provision of normal services.

“Following the reinstatement of emergency and essential face-to-face consultations on Monday, the plan is to gradually move back to the provision of full services as outlined in the Government’s road map for health services.”

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