COVID-19 Cluster Identified within Health Board area

A cluster of eight positive COVID-19 cases have been identified in the Greater Glasgow and Clyde area and a thorough investigation is underway.

Contact tracing of individuals has identified a number of businesses across Greater Glasgow and Clyde including a pharmacy in Inverclyde as being linked to the cases.

An NHSGGC-led Incident Management Team is working with Scottish Government, Health Protection Scotland (HPS) and local environmental health teams to provide advice and support.  

None of the cases are experiencing anything but mild symptoms.

Close contacts are being advised to self-isolate and other identified contacts are being followed up and given appropriate advice.

To respect and maintain patient confidentiality no further details will be released at this time.


  1. And so an outbreak in Port Glasgow.

    And could we expect similar here in Dumbarton. Well when you look at the total and utter lack of social distancing in some of the public houses now reopen, I suspect it would only take one carrier to kick off another outbreak.

    But don’t take my word for it. Look at folks going in and out of shops wearing a mask and then look at folks going in and out of pubs without any masks, or any effective distancing.

    This virus most certainly has not gone away.

  2. Yes Ed, we ALL need to be responsible. The virus hasn’t gone away, and it is primarily the older people and the health compromised who suffer when the virus spreads.

    We do not want to go through the cycle of death again. And so we ALL need to be aware of the message that we ALL need to look out for each other. That way we will beat this bastard disease and hopefully make us the better society for it.

    And as things move on we need to look seriously at how we can get our economy working and people into jobs, and good jobs at that.

    No sense it beating the virus only to have an ill divided society with hundreds of thousands out of work on pittance benefits.

    Time that we threw money at developing our economy, not on cokes, latte and burgers but on the immeasurably sounder footing of industrial and infrastructure expansion. New ports, upgraded railway, off shore wind, and so much more. And not to be owned by offshore tax haven registered companies either as so much of our infrastructure now is.

    China in the last forty years came from a sleeping paddy field to an industrial giant. We with our rich heritage, how can we not do the same.

    Sadly we have been run by the spivs, the short sellers, the hedge funds, the asset strippers, who care not a jot about the many but only about the Uber rich few. Time to invest in our future.

    Let’s build our way to a better more prosperous, less economically divided society.

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