train crash newStephanie and Brett Mccullough on their wedding day. They have three children.

By Bill Heaney

Stephanie Mccullough, wife of the driver of the train which crashed catastrophically after a weekend storm causing the death of her husband and two others, has moved swiftly to correct a wrong impression which may have been given in reports of the accident.
Steph told social media: “I thought I had to post this because of the recent posts on various news channels implying my lovely husband was at fault.
“When Brett was at Carmont, he was actually held there for two hours.
“And when Brett was told to proceed back north, he was told it was good to proceed at line speed which is 75mph He was under that when the train crashed.
“At that point in time the storm had passed and the sun was shining.
“Brett did what he was told. We know this because the ‘black box’ recorded that Brett’s speed that was under the speed limit,  and the communications between Scotrail and Brett record everything.
“We also know Brett saw the landslide because the emergency breaks were applied.
“Many people don’t know that you can’t just stop a train.
“When the brakes are applied, it could take up to a mile to stop a train. It’s not instant like a car.
“I can’t stand people implying that my beautiful, kind husband was to blame.
“He did everything he was told to do.
“I can assure you Brett loved his job and did everything by the book.
“Unfortunately coming round that corner there was nothing he could have done.
“Please don’t assume things if you don’t know how the railway works as it’s very different from driving a car.
“It’s extremely hurtful to think people are judging Brett when they have absolutely no idea what they are talking about.
“Nobody should go to work and not come home.
“I have three heartbroken children here whom Brett adored.
“His family was his world and he cared so much about people.
“Nobody can say a bad word about my kind gentle husband. Steph x”

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