Inquiry plea after mum found dead beside starving baby

The body of asylum seeker Mercy Baguma was discovered by police in a flat on Saturday

Inquiry appeal: Mercy Baguma's body was discovered on Saturday.

The body of asylum seeker Mercy Baguma, from Uganda, pictured above, was discovered by police in Govan on Saturday after friends said they last heard from her on August 18.

Positive Action in Housing said Ms Baguma’s one-year-old son was “found crying beside his mother’s body, weakened from several days of hunger”.

The charity has launched a fundraising appeal for the child, who is now in the care of his father, and his future welfare needs.

On May 6, 30-year-old Syrian refugee Adnan Walid Elbi was found dead in his room at the McLays Guest House.

Then on June 26, Badreddin Abedlla Adam, 28, was shot dead after injuring six people including a police officer during a knife attack at the Park Inn hotel.

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