ITV Head of Newsgathering to join SoE debate on Covid-19 coverage

Dagnell 2

Andrew Dagnell, Head of News gathering at ITV News.

By Bill Heaney

Andrew Dagnell, Head of News gathering at ITV News, is the fourth panellist to confirm to take part in a joint debate being staged by the Society of Editors and the Association of British Science Writers next week.

The free to join discussion will look at the roles of political and science journalists covering the Covid-19 pandemic.

The debate will aim to explore how the story of the pandemic crisis has been covered in both the print and broadcast media.

Ian Murray, executive director of the SoE will chair the discussion. Confirmed panellists also include Pallab Ghosh, BBC Science Correspondent and ABSW honorary president, and Fiona Fox, chief executive of the Science Media Centre, which briefs journalists on science issues, and Jane Merrick policy editor at the i.

“This should be a fascinating discussion on how the crisis has been presented from both a political and scientific point of view,” said Ian Murray.

“Should the science and health writers have been given more of a lead over the past few months, or is understanding the political decisions of more importance to the public’s understanding of what has been taking place and done in their name?”

The free to attend event takes place on Tuesday at 6.30pm for an hour. To register visit here.


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  1. Not sure that there will be all that much to discuss in Scotland when the figures relating to Covid 19 are a closely guarded government secret.

    Yes that’s right, a secret! How many cases, where, how many tested positive and where. All restricted from public view – a secret.

    In England, Public Health England have a COVID 19 cases tracker web site that breaks out the statistics council area by council area. However, in Scotland no such information is disclosed save that which Nicola Sturgeon decides to disclose on her daily Coronavirus floor show.

    So why is Nicola Sturgeon restricting this data. Even elected parliamentarians are being denied this data. Are there political games being played and what type of government denies its populace and it’s elected representatives public health data.

    Under noted is a link to the Covid19 Case Tracker website and from which you’ll see there is data for every English local authority but none for Scotland, or in this case West Dunbartonshire Council area.

    So does Jonathon McColl know the figures? Maybe someone should ask him the question. He says the First Minister and the Deputy First Minister consult with him, so has he been told. Or is it a secret?

    Surely, as we enter a mini lock down we should know the figures. So c’mon Jonathon let’s have the information. Something smells!

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