As most of you will know we are moving premises to a bigger shop in Dumbarton East. We are off to 4 Park Street which is diagonally across the road from where we are at present. Over the past few weeks we have been replacing all electrics, fitting a new kitchen and bathroom and uncovering original features that were hidden by plaster and false ceilings. It’s all a wee bit exciting and we’ve had a lot of enjoyment planning out the new shop.   If all goes to plan we will close the existing shop on 7th November and re-open on 12th November in Park Street. 

To help us make the move as smooth as possible we are currently stock checking all products in the shop. We are happy to take on new stock and in particular Christmas stock from Tuesday 10th November or if you want to collect your current stock between 3 – 7 Nov and bring back refreshed stock we can pack up what we have and have chat about what to bring back. 

The premises we are moving to are bigger with a better layout than we have currently with clearly designed spaces for paintings, photography and prints as well as bespoke hanging space for textiles. We will also enable us to have more than 2 people in the shop at any one time due to restrictions that we currently have. Please get back to me via email if you want to discuss any of the stock you have at present or ideas for new stock that might suit our new space. 


If you are able to help, we will be moving all food on Saturday 7th after 3pm. We will pack up and move all makers’ stock from Monday 9th to Wednesday 11th. We also need a hand moving the various pieces of shelving and furniture across the road. If you are able to help out for a few hours please let me know which days/times suit so we can manage numbers safely. If you are coming to help please bring your mask! 


This move, whilst much needed to make sure we survive, is also proving to be quite costly. We have some support from our landland, some income we saved away over the past few months and have applied for grant support from the council. To help us out we will also be launching a crowd funder this weekend. If you can, please share on your social networks. There are lots of good offers for customers particularly in the run up to seasonal gift giving. 


Finally I just wanted to say thank you for being part of our story. You have helped us grow and become well loved in the area. 2020 has been rough for all of us – in various ways  – but I really hope that a new shop, fresh outlook and being able to develop new projects and ideas particularly around supporting local makers, artists and small businesses continues to grow.

Thanks for now 

Jain and Team Made Guid

PS: As you can imagine our inbox has been a bit overwhelmed lately. If you have sent a message or are waiting on a reply I’m working through our massive to do list but if it’s easier to chat please call on 07462027710. 

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