HOUSING: First tenant in Council new build says new home is beautiful

Shirley Floyd, 61, moved into the three-bedroom semi detached house in Inler Gate.

By Lauren Crooks

The first tenant in a brand new Council development has told of her excitement at moving into the ‘amazing’ home.

Shirley Floyd, 61, moved into the three-bedroom semi detached house in Inler Gate, Haldane, on October 9.

She had requested a move from her previous Council tenancy following a change in circumstances, which meant she had been sharing a small bedroom with her 12-year-old granddaughter.

Shirley, who suffers from ill-health, says she is “over the moon” with the amount of space she has in the new home and can’t wait for some neighbours to join her in the 58-house development.

Now Shirley, her 38-year-old son Thomas and granddaughter Taylor each have a room of their own.

She said: “This move means everything to us. When I took over the care of my granddaughter it meant our previous house became too small. We were sharing a room, and it was very cramped. The age she is at, she needs privacy, and it wasn’t fair her having to share with me.

“We only found out that we were being offered one of the new build homes three weeks before we were to move, so it was short notice, but I was absolutely over the moon.

“I didn’t get the opportunity to see the house before we moved in, due to Covid, but I was sent the floorplans and that was enough to get me excited because I could see how much extra space we would have.

“I just love all of it, it is amazing, but the living room is probably my favourite, because it’s so modern and big.

“Taylor loves it too and I can see how much she enjoys having her own space and privacy. She has already been looking online for things she can print off to decorate her bedroom wall.”

Shirley added: “When I saw it for the first time, I finally felt relaxed, it felt like a big boulder had lifted off my shoulders.”

The homes in the development, which was delivered by building partner CCG, all meet the Council’s Design Standard, which extra floor space, home office space, flexible layouts and adhering to the Silver standard for energy efficiency.

Shirley said: “The development is really good quality, looks lovely and my house is beautiful.

“The fact it has things like solar panels is really good too, and hopefully they can help me keep my bills down.”

Now all Shirley needs is some company, saying: “We’re the only people in just now but I’m looking forward to meeting our new neighbours over the next while.”

A range of new homes will be available at the 2.4 hectare site, including one and two-bed flats, three-bed bungalows, as well as three and four bed semi-detached and detached houses, with a number which are wheelchair accessible.

More new tenants are expected to get their keys throughout November.

Councillor Diane Docherty, Convener of Housing and Communities, said: “We were delighted to welcome Shirley to her new home in October and some others since then. I wish them all every happiness in the future.

“This is a big milestone for the Council but the first of many, as work progresses on our new home developments all over West Dunbartonshire.  We are committed to providing safe, stylish and affordable homes for our tenants and I am delighted that they are beginning to enjoy the results.”

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