Billy Connolly says public should ignore politicians and listen to comedians

By Democrat reporter
Comedy legend Billy Connolly says said that you will always get the truth from comedians and that people should listen to them instead of politicians.

The Scottish star was speaking to Sky News at the launch of his art project ‘Born On A Rainy Day’.

“People should listen to comedians and poets; they’re telling the truth.”

Connolly was scathing in his criticism of Johnson, who has been involved in a number of controversies since becoming leader.

He said: “Anybody who listens to Boris needs professional help because he’s a big, silly toff and Britain’s been listening to big, silly toffs for years.”

Connolly came from Partick in Glasgow and worked as a welder at John Brown’s in Clydebank when he was a young man.

He lived in Bonhill, Alexandria and Drymen and was a keen angler on Loch Lomond and the RIver Leven.
The funnyman also spoke about how he hoped he could be an inspiration for young people who started out in life with not very much.

He said: “I hope little schoolboys and school leavers are watching me doing these things and see, you can do what you like. You can write plays. You can write songs. You can be funny on stage and play the banjo. You can do drawings.

“Nobody came along with a magic wand and said, you’re allowed to do that now. You just have to do it and stretch yourself.

“I have no regrets at all – absolutely none.”

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