Over generous with taxpayers’ money – Cllrs McColl, McAllister and Provost Hendrie.

By Bill Heaney

It’s the question everyone locally wants an answer to. Who voted at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic for the shameful salary increases for eight of West Dunbartonshire Council’s management team? It was the SNP, of course.

The Dumbarton Democrat has discovered that the secret meeting which nodded through the increases which takes the council suits’ salaries up almost to £100,000 a year was attended by only five councillors – SNP administration leader Cllr Jonathan McColl, which was predictable given his Tory-flavoured previous decision; Cllr Caroline McAllister, McColl’s deputy, who most people would think would know better since she keeps talking about equality (perhaps that’s only for women though?), and Provost Willie Hendry, who did the bowling fraternity/sorority a big favour by hosting a civic reception, dinner, drinks the lot on the hard-pressed council taxpayers, in Clydebank Town Hall. That was at a time when the SNP were introducing austerity policies at every turn, even to the extend to not cutting the grass in parks, cemeteries and other public spaces. The bowling greens were manicured though.

A council insider tells me that Cllrs McColl, Caroline McAllister and Willie Hendrie voted through the increase to £95,832 for those eight new posts which will carry the title of Chief Officer. I understand Cllrs Martin Rooney and Douglas McAllister of Labour come lately voted against. The minutes are kept secret. There are only five councillors on this sub-committee.

A civic reception wasn’t enough, Provost Hendrie presented a gift from the taxpayers to a large group of Civil Service bowlers, who came to play in Clydebank.

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  1. what was the percentage increase Ed. That would be interesting.

    Additionally, why do titles keep changing. Dropping titles and replacing with a different title used to be the mechanism to get pension top ups.for departing executives. ( ergo replace the departing individual with a lesser title and then pass on the alleged efficiency saving on to the departing individual )

    And then later,perchance, restructure titles and reappoint at increased salaries?

    So maybe Ed we could have the names of the golden eight who have been honoured with new titles and increased salaries. Or is it a secret only to be known to a few councillors in an in camera committee.

    Maybe the supreme leader Jon Ha Thon in a spirit of glassnost might disclose what’s been going on.

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