Stephen Storrie who reckons you can reduce your weight and protect your health. Top picture: The annual Babcock 10K run in Dumbarton.

This is the Year of the Covid Stone. It’s not a memorial like the Fountain in Vale of Leven. The Covid Stone has manifested itself in those extra pounds we are currently carrying around our waists.

Professor Jason Leitch, the pin up boy of Public Health in Scotland, tells us that obesity and poverty are two of the main reasons for contracting coronavirus. They could kill us.

So, who is doing what about it? Is anyone paying attention to Jason and his boss, the fairy light First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

Do we really think we’ll be able to sit around on our backsides until this pandemic is over at Easter – if we are lucky?

One guy who thinks not is Stephen Storrie, one of the organisers of Craigandro youth football club in Renton.

Stephen was a bit of a bruiser at 15 stone and then some, but he thought the pounds were a bit much – and piling them on was no way to a happy, health lifestyle.

“I basically spent the last half of 2018 going from one diet to another without actually being serous or sticking to any of them for long,” he told me when I sought his advice on how I and the restt of the readers of The Democrat might turn our lives around.

He added: “My partner had been trying to get me to do intermittent fasting which has a few different timings etc but it was basically have a window in which you eat (two or three hours) then don’t take anything other than black coffee and water for the next 24 hours.

“I tried this in early 2019  on and off without sticking to it and found it too difficult and had noticeable results either.

“I went to New York in March 2020 and when I came back I was over 15 stone, which was a line in the sand kind of moment as it’s the heaviest I’d ever been in my life.

Stephen Storrie – football, family and a healthy lifestyle keeps him fit.

“I coach my son’s football team at Renton Craigandro and couldn’t keep up with the kids during training.

“A big part of coaching is encouraging the kids fitness I realised I should be showing a example and used this as a big part of my motivation.

“I realised I had to have a complete overhaul of my diet, but the 24 hour intermittent fasting was a step too far but had some great parts to it.

“When lockdown started, I could see me going to put on more weight if I didn’t turn things on their head.

“I started the fasting but this time having coffee in the morning them porridge, coffee at lunchtime to bridge the gap then a full meal (eat whatever I feel like) then a snack or two before a coffee at 6pm, then nothing until the next day.

“I dug out the running shoes and go running 3/4 times a week and also rejoined the D-unit which was great to mix things up.

“I also started work as a WDC home carer in June and the fact it’s such a busy  job and I’ve been active at work throughout this year’s lockdown/restrictions has helped massively.

“My overall diet has probably improved by 80% and I don’t feel or tell myself I’m dieting and that seems to make it easier not to have to many treats ,although if I really want to I’ll eat anything and not go without, although it frees your mind up to not constantly always thinking what your next meal  is going to be.

“A big part of giving myself extra motivation to get my determination up was thinking that I’m 40 in less than two  years and want to be the fittest I’ve been in my adult life.

“I’ve gone from over 15 stone to under 12 stone, but the extra energy it brings is worth it all.

“My go to is black coffee. I never thought I’d ever like it, but if I feel hungry I have one first and it usually fills the gap in between meals.”

So, instead of embarking on an expensive post-festive slimming course, take a leaf out of Stephan’s book.

  • Try not to eat between meals.
  • Have a cup of black coffee when you feel hungry.
  • Do a bit of running (but check with the doctor first that you are OK to do that.)

Enjoy Christmas. Eat and drink in moderation. Give yourself a target weight you would like to reach. Don’t kill yourself doing it. Enjoy it all. There’s nothing quite like feeling fit and looking good. It’s not just good for the body but your mental health too.


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