Pauline McLean,  Arts and Media Correspondent,  BBC Scotland, writes: Only spotted this [In the Democrat]! I’m actually extreme right, holding a flower for some reason! Extreme left, standing is Patricia Connelly as Prince Charming, with Anne Brazier as the princess. Jimmy Dick was the dame, Andy Allan was the baddie. Can’t remember who his two henchmen were but they’re from Alexandria (hence the slightly dodgy disguises) the cheery chap with the cowboy cravat is Niall Black, who is now a well respected theatre professional. He used to work for National Theatre of Scotland as technical director. He’s now a freelance production manager. His sister Mhari is the furry creature to the left of me! The late Brian Garrett who also designed many of the sets is right in the middle. The three women in front of him are Beverley Copland, Christine Ferguson and Val (?). Other folk i recognise are Helen Watt (then still Murphy) crouching on the left, Jane Skinner, Marie Scullion, Lizzie Lynch, Stephen Watt, Tillie Jeffrey, Lillian Mackay and I recall the cat at the front was Karen Barber – whose husband was a BBC sound man, Fraser Barber, who worked on lots of wildlife documentaries and had returned from several weeks away filming, which explained why a giant costumed cat leapt into his arms backstage as soon as he arrived!

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