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Scottish Labour deputy leader Jackie Baillie, pictured right,  has called for action to protect Scots in debt, as statistics have revealed that thousands have benefited from Scottish Labour amendments to legislation to provide breathing space for those in debt.

Statistics have shown that as of the 30th November, 1,027 applications for debt moratoria had been granted under new powers.

In addition, for the period between 27 May and 31 October 2020, there were 1,244 new applications for bankruptcy which benefited from the reduced application fee – 984 (79.1 per cent) of which paid no application fee at all.

Jackie successfully argued for additional fees to be waived for people in debt during the pandemic.

With the Institute for Public Policy Research reporting that one in four people in Scotland – 1.1 million people – state that they could only cope for a month or less if they lost their main source of income, Scottish Labour is calling for the amendments to legislation to be maintained until at least September next year – affording vital breathing space for those in debt.

Scottish Labour deputy leader and finance spokesperson Jackie Baillie said: “With thousands of Scots suffering a year of financial hardship like never before, it is a source of pride that labour amendments have provided breathing space to thousands.

“The vaccine may be starting to reach people, but the financial implications of the pandemic are set to ravage Scotland’s economy and household finances for some time to come.

“Scottish Labour is today calling on the SNP government to commit to extending the support in the legislation until at least September – we cannot have thousands of Scots being overwhelmed by debt as a result of the pandemic without providing additional support.

“We must ensure that those who require financial help get all the help they need in this turbulent and difficult time.”


  1. Well the debt holocaust is set to become much worse.

    The Chancellor of the Exchequer has already reduced furlough to 89%. And with it due to be ended in another few months the numbers unemployed and on Universal Credit will be enormous.

    But fear not, it will all fit into the Brexit plan. Keep it lean, keep it mean is a slogan, but that is what Brexit is really about. Reduced working terms and conditions, reduced workers rights, reduced food standards, reduced environmental standards, its all about creating a sweat shop economy off the coast of Europe.

    And with many in debt, having lost their income, reduced to benefits, there will be many desperate to take a job, any job, at peppercorn wages. This is the plan. And the corporate elite Brexiteers behind the Tory party certainly knew what they were doing as the English lumpen class bought the anti foreigner anti EU bit big time.

    And now we will pay the price. A hateful Tory Government neutering the power of the Scottish Parliament through the removal of powers by the UK Internal Market Bill, the deployment of 3,000 London civil servants to Edinburgh, and with the Great Repeal Bill ( of EU legislation on standards, health, employment ) to come, how many of us suckers think standards are going to get better.

    Anyway, down south, no doubt the disgruntlement will be channelled towards the filthy foreigner, immigrant, religious minority be they Asian, Polish, Irish, or whatever other deserving group require harassment . And let us not forget that in the 20s there were huge political demands to send the Mick’s back to Ireland – or round up the Jews in Germany in the 30s – or currently deport the Caribbean’s who came in the 60s.

    Yep, it’s going to be a real bundle of laughs in the new Tory Britain. So message to Jackie, what’s your multi millionaire man Sir Keir Stormer doing about it as he votes for Brexit and rejects Scotland’s right to even consider independence. No wonder the electorate has lost all faith in your party. They’re an irrelevance to the people of Scotland’s interests, and the people know it.

    So yes, very hard times ahead!

  2. Sorry, but furlough has been reduced to 60% by Chancellor of the Exchequer ( and not 89% as mistyped )

    That the Chancellor has said he doesn’t want to support Zombie companies when they should be instead allowed to fail, what he really means is he doesn’t want to support Zombie workers.

    But Sir Keir Starmer and Labour know that and then you ask yourself why they vote with the Tories. Yeh, down to 60% and the shut downs are going to get even worse. Suck it up folks. That’ll certainly help create a reservoir of desperate people prepared to work for buttons in our post Brexit liberalised U.K.

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