DEMOCRATS urge snp to respect the result

Exposing the SNP

In 2014 senior SNP figures pledged to respect the result of a “once in a generation” referendum on breaking up the UK.  Within two years they were trying to overturn the democratic verdict of the Scottish people.  Join our campaign to defend Scottish democracy and demand the SNP respect our votes.


  1. Scottish democracy.

    That’ll be Scotland voting for Tory Government. (eh?) Or will it be Scotland voting to leave Europe (eh?)

    Or what about the sacred ‘vow’ now being torn asunder?

    Scotland did not vote for the Tories, hasn’t done so for seventy years, but gets a government it doesn’t vote for. Ditto Scotland voted to remain in Europe but that vote was ignored. Is that the Respect that this piece talks about.

    Inclusion of stocking fillers like this Democrat piece undermines the good work that you try to do. Were you on the lockdown swally Ed. Or were you on Empire biscuits, Blue Ribands and Jaffa Cakes. It happens to the best of us!

  2. Ah now then, Willie. Your comment takes the biscuit in so many ways. We do vote Tory here. Unbelievably, the folk in Dumbarton Town Centre voted for them at the last local elections. As did the toffs up Loch Lomondside and even in Balloch and Helensburgh, of course. There are a lot more of them around here than you think. They have a foothold in Haldane believe it or not, carefully prepared for them by the SNP. . The Tories have a millionaire representative who will doubtless vote for Flamingo Land despite the fact that the community voted against. Democracy? They couldn’t spell it. She won’t be voting for Sir Tom Hunter’s leadership glass box at Ross Priory I don’t suspect though. The NIMBY toffs most certainly don’t want that to happen. Neither do I actually, but I am with the petitioners who campaigned against it.. By the way, there has been a distinct shortage of Chateau Neuf Du Pape chez Heaney in recent times. As for biscuits, it’s dark chocolate digestives and ginger snaps that keep me going here. Those and winding up the Tartan Tories who have been allowed to take over our “local” council.

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