Great compilation. The old Hiram Walker distillery in Dumbarton and the new houses that have replaced it on the banks of the Leven at Castle Street. Photograph by Tom Gardiner.



  1. The picture of the partly demolished tower is a frightening reminder of how the internal asbestos clad pipe work in the distilling tower was stripped out for scrap with no protection whatsoever as to the release of asbestos fibres into the surrounding offices, shops and houses.

    And then of course the tower was left abandoned and dangerous for years open and accessible to youngsters as a drinking den.

    Very much a reflection of the town with these photographs bringing it all back.

  2. Here again is a comment about the old distilling tower.

    Prior to its final demolition as shown in this photograph, all the pipework was ripped out for the scrap metal value.

    With much of the pipework coated with asbestos the removal of the pipework without any special precautions will inevitably allowed the escape of asbestos dust and fibres to the surrounding offices, shops and houses.

    People reading might therefore like to ask a question or two.

    Nice new houses on the site now.

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