Good to know that someone in the fundamentalist SNP has a sense of humour. This is the crowd who thought The Democrat should be banned for winding them up. We have now been banned and boycotted by them for nearly three years for telling a press officer to bugger off when she and four chief officers on six figure salaries for running the shambles that is West Dunbartonshire Council tried to throw us out of a meeting. This was for asking the Provost to turn up the sound in order that the press and public could hear what they were up to. We believe Jonathan McColl, leader of the SNP administration, should be next to resign. Perhaps he has gone already from the basket case organisation that is our local authority. Or are they waiting until the end of the Salmond Inquiry before they all have to go?

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  1. Supreme leader Jon Ha Thon is just that – supreme.

    Not for him to be harried by pesky editors wanting the sound to be turned up.

    Given half a chance the Supreme Leader would no doubt dispense with the need for elections believing already in his own divine appointment.

    Ah we shall see, we shall see. Many a supreme being has fallen from grace. But to be replaced by who though – that is the question.

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