Stoneymollan roundabout on the A82 where motorists regularly broke the rules by crossing from West Dunbartonshire into Argyll and back. Picture by Bill Heaney

By Democrat reporter

Police Scotland has issued a record 241 fines in a single week to people breaching Covid travel restrictions.

The total is nearly eight times more than were handed out when the rules were first introduced last November.

Official figures released by the force also show the total was up from 149 around the festive period.

People living in level three or level four areas should currently only leave their council areas if the trip is deemed “essential”.

The jump in fixed penalty notices came after Chief Constable Iain Livingstone warned his officers were planning to ramp up patrols as the lockdown tightened across Scotland last month.

Mr Livingstone stressed the force would tackle “blatant breaches” of the regulations banning people from travelling without a reasonable excuse.

The biggest problem areas were Argyll & West Dunbartonshire (52 fines) followed by Greater Glasgow (36) in the week to 13 January.

Just one fine was issued in the North East, while Fife recorded none at all.

Fines start at £30, doubling to £60 if they are not paid within 28 days. Repeat offenders can face fines of up to £960.

The force’s Covid-19 bulletin also shows police issued a total of 395 fixed penalty notices for virus-related offences – including the travel fines – and made 18 arrests in this single week.


  1. A money making racket. Easy picking fine money stopping motorists. And what grounds for picking off motorists in their cars – odd number, even number, white car, gray car.

    And you know what Police Scotland now have the right to force their way into your house if they have reason to suspect an extra person in the house. ( watch the Aberdeen video where Police forced their way into a family home and ended up cuffing, arresting the mother, father and eighteen year old daughter – and where no one was in the house )

    Well done Nicola Sturgeon. Fear the Police, yes fear the Police. That’s what a National police Force ((Nasti ) is all about.

  2. And meanwhile in Westminster the Tories stripped out an legislative amendment inserted by the House of Lords to prevent the sell off the NHS in the event of a US trade deal.

    With Scotland having no say in it, Stronger for Scotland ( not) is what I say.

    Suck it up folks, enjoy the NHS when you can. Don’t save getting sick for late.

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