Police said a total of 56 notices were issued in relation to breaches of coronavirus regulations in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Three arrests were also made for a variety of offences.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Around 1.10am on Sunday, 14 February, 2021, we received a report of an illegal gathering at a premises on London Road, Glasgow.

A 28-year-old man was arrested in connection with the gathering. A 21-year-old man was arrested on warrant and a 23-year-old woman was arrested in connection with a breach of the peace.”


  1. Police Scotland didn’t fine Boris Johnson when he and his travelling circus came up on a publicity tour of locations in Scotland the other week.

    What message Johnson sent making this unnecessary trip when it could have been telecast you have to ask. It certainly screamed out it’s all right to travel for political posturing.

    And you know what, Police Scotland agreed as it deployed all manner of protection officers across Scotland to protect Johnson.

    Fifty six fixed penalty fines – well done Police Scotland.

  2. And meanwhile, could we soon be due a press release from the Great One Jon Ha Thon to say how pleased he is with efforts to vaccinate the public.

    Word from the bunker has been unusually quiet of late so I expect we may be due a sally forth.

    Only joking I’m sure he’s doing a grand job!

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