COMMUNITY: Asda Dumbarton manager recognised at National Awards

 Pamela Marshall jumps for joy at news of the award.

By Lucy Ashton

Asda has named the winners of its ‘Proud to be Asda’ 2020 awards, which celebrate all the colleagues who have gone above and beyond in their roles, especially during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Pamela Marshall, a customer trading manager from Asda Dumbarton took home the Leading Asda Hero Of the Year award, for her work over the last year.

The ‘Proud to be Asda’ 2020 awards were created to recognize and reward those colleagues who have stepped up for customers, communities, and each other – and to acknowledge the incredible efforts of so many who make their fellow colleagues truly proud to work for Asda.

Her Dumbarton colleagues say Pamela is “the definition of a true leader” and has shown strength, resilience, and positivity throughout the year. She was commended for working to ensure an open culture to support her colleagues’ well-being and mental health and speaks openly to normalise mental health issues.

Gareth Clayton, Customer Trading Manager at Asda Dumbarton, said:  “Pamela has been an absolutely fantastic role model within the store over the last year and beyond. She is always a pleasure to work with, for both customers and colleagues alike and she really does help raise the morale of those who work around her instore.”

Pamela said:  “I’m so delighted to have won this award. I really feel as though I didn’t do anything extraordinary, but I suppose I just did something when it was hard to do. It really helps our working life when we have the support of such a good team.”


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