Perhaps she forgot? First Minister Nicola Sturgeon promised front-line NHS workers a £500 bonus at the height of the pandemic.

But it hasn’t materialised and there is now widespread speculation that her memory is suspect and she may have forgotten what she told them.

Scottish Labour have stated that the Scottish Government must follow the Welsh Government’s example and ensure that NHS workers who were to receive the £500 bonus get the full amount.

The call comes as the Labour-led Welsh Government announced their payment would total £735 per person, leaving a full bonus of around £500 after deductions.

Health Secretary Jeane Freeman has claimed the UK Government is responsible for taxing the bonus payment paid to Scottish workers.

Scottish Labour deputy leader and health and social care spokesperson Jackie Baillie, pictured above,  said: “SNP spin won’t hide the fact that they could have followed the Labour approach in Wales and increased the bonus payment to our hard-working healthcare workforce. 

“Instead, the SNP passed the buck and blamed the UK government for taxing the bonus. Tax is devolved in Scotland, so if the SNP want to make sure NHS staff get the full £500 bonus, they could have just given them more.”

“The Labour-led Welsh Government have delivered on their promise of this hard-won bonus for health care staff – an example that the SNP would do well to follow.”

GMB Scotland Secretary Gary Smith said: “Scotland must follow the Welsh example and ensure NHS workers receive the full thank you payment, there’s no excuse not to. NHS workers deserve the full payment, all key workers deserve it, and the Scottish Government need to do the right thing.”

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