ELECTION: Have you registered yet?

Helensburgh is part of Argyll and Bute for Scottish parliamentary election purposes.

By Aileen MacLennan

Do you want to have your say in the Scottish Parliamentary Elections?  Take five minutes to register to vote and make sure you are able to take part. There is still time to register before the deadline of Monday 19 April.

The Scottish Parliamentary Election takes place on Thursday 6 May 2021. Everyone in Scotland is represented by eight Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) – one constituency MSP and seven MSPs for the larger region in which they live.

For voters living in the Argyll and Bute constituency, this means they will be asked to elect one Constituency MSP and one Regional MSP for the Argyll and Bute area within the Highlands and Islands Region. The constituency includes Cardcross, Helensburgh, Rhu, Faslane, Garelochhead and the Rosneath Peninsula north up to Arrochar and Succoth.

To take part in this election, you must be registered to vote at an address in Scotland. If you are not sure whether you are registered, you can check with the Electoral Registration Office on 0800 980 0470. They can send you out a registration form if you need one, but the quickest and easiest way to register is online at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

It is worth taking five minutes today to register so that you can have your say.

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