By Lucy Ashton

John Urquhart, vice-chairman of the group,is anxious for a solution to the problem – especially with the larger numbers of  visitors expected to holiday at home this summer.

They are proposing that 20 litter bins are strategically placed at lay-bys and grass verges along the stretch of the road between the Arden round about and the fork at Tarbet for Inverary or Oban.

Pippa Milne, Chief Executive, Argyll and Bute Council.

An open letter has been sent to councillors in the area, while the charity has also contacted the council’s chief executive, Pippa Milne.

The council has urged the Friends, and other interested parties, to work with the authority to help keep the Bonnie Banks tidy.

Mr Urquhart told one journalist “I have been combining my daily exercise with an inspection of the lay-bys along the A82.

“This was to prepare for a NatureScot Green Recovery funding bid by the Friends incorporating, among other things, plans to install 20 litter bins over the summer months in lay-bys along the sometimes infamous road between Arden and Tarbet.

“As it will have no impact on the main carriageway in terms of sight lines, safety etc., BEAR have raised no objections.

“We are sure therefore that Argyll and Bute councillors will welcome this effort at breaking the deadlock which has for too long prevented anyone dealing adequately with the A82 litter problem which is increasingly damaging to the reputation of what is arguably one of Scotland’s finest and most popular scenic areas.”

He added: “Identical to ones already in use throughout Argyll and Bute, the bins are the Friends’ simple, proven and immediate way to tackle the issue.

“As we head towards a hopefully lockdown free summer, let’s hope our councillors and their officials are thinking hard about how Argyll and Bute can use every available avenue to better address its litter control responsibilities along the A82.

“Looking further ahead I am sure there is much more the council can do, perhaps using some of the hi-tech information gathering methods and technologies which are now available.”

A spokesperson for the council said: “We recognise the need to support our tourism sector, local economy and communities by investing in the right facilities for visitors, in the right places. We are looking at how best to do that just now, and we welcome the support of others.

“Local groups such as Friends of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs have commitment, initiative and the ability to tap into additional funding sources to develop their ideas. By working together we can ensure the best possible outcome for Argyll and Bute.”

The fact that there similar problems along the A82 by-pass road between Stoneymollan roundabout and Lomondgate in Dumbarton appears to have been ignored by the SNP administration at West Dunbartonshire at West Dunbartonshire Council.

Discarded litter is an eyesore along the roadside verges of Loch Lomondside.


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