By Lucy Ashton

The family of an Alexandria lorry driver killed by a drinks driver has received more than half-a-million pounds in damages.

Malcolm Easton, 42, pictured right, died after Michael Hall lost control of his BMW while travelling at nearly 90mph on the M74 near Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire, in May 2019.

Hall, 38, was more than twice the legal limit after watching a football game the night before when he tried to overtake Mr Easton’s HGV in heavy rain.

He struck the lorry, sending it down an embarkment and leaving Mr Easton with fatal head injuries.

Hall, from Leeds, was jailed and banned from driving after admitting causing death by dangerous driving last year.

In a statement, the Easton family said they hoped the result of the civil action would serve as a warning of the consequences of getting behind the wheel after drinking.

They said: “After Malcolm died we were left with so many emotions and questions.

“The driver of the BMW might be in jail but losing his liberty for a few years in no way compares to the suffering we have endured and will continue to face in the future.”

Over the course of the pandemic, I have dealt with so many issues and a fair percentage of them included abuse of alcohol.
Prosecco o’ clock, Gin o’clock, romanticising the notion of knocking back alcohol. I enjoy a glass of prosecco or a gin BUT definitely in moderation.
The drink culture is shocking! Relationships suffer, children left to the mercies while Mum and Dad or Mum or Dad have their ‘ jolly’ and lose a day recovering.
EVERYTHING , every event is an excuse for a drink session for some.
What they don’t realise is the rise in cancers, heart disease, liver, pancreatitis, obesity all attributed to misuse of alcohol.
Somewhere along the way the culture needs to stop.
Spoke to a professional yesterday who knows she is abusing herself with alcohol , I said ” abusing your children too”, she welled up. For all you young people out there , if you KNOW it’s not on, do something to stop it before ‘it’ stops you 💕

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