SNP MSP suggested Jacob Rees-Mogg will “undoubtedly rot in hell” reported to Standards Commission

By Democrat reporter

BBC Scotland is reporting that post from the Twitter account of an SNP MSP which suggested Jacob Rees-Mogg will “undoubtedly rot in hell” has been reported to the Standards Commission for Scotland.

James Dornan, pictured above, who represents Glasgow Cathcart, was reportedly replying to the Conservative MP’s post about the Nationality and Borders Bill.

Mr Dornan’s account can now only be seen by those following him.

The SNP said: “It is essential such callous policies are called out.”

Mr Rees-Mogg had quote-tweeted a video from the Commons Leader account, adding: “The bands of blighters bringing illegal entrants to Blighty will be broken up by this brilliant borders bill.”

Jacob Rees-Mogg
Jacob Rees-Mogg had talked about “bands of blighters bringing illegal entrants to Blighty”

The reply from Mr Dornan’s account read: “Hope you remember this the next time you go to confession.

“You and your cronies are already responsible for the deaths of thousands and you’re now happy to see the most desperate people in the world suffer and drown.

“If your god exists you will undoubtedly rot in hell.”

Mr Dornan’s account has since been protected, meaning only the people following him can see any posts made.

‘Poisonous and beyond the pale’

Scottish Conservative chief whip Stephen Kerr MSP criticised his Holyrood colleague and called for an immediate apology.

Mr Kerr said: “These comments from James Dornan were poisonous and beyond the pale.

“He is well known for his outbursts on Twitter but this vitriol simply has no place in respectful political debate.

“This gaffe-prone MSP has once again shown his nasty side and shamefully brought religion into his anger at a fellow elected representative.”

He added: “It is clear that he wasn’t interested in adhering to the MSPs’ Code of Conduct when posting this reply, which is why this post has now been reported to the Standards Commissioner.

“James Dornan must urgently apologise for this wholly unacceptable and abusive behaviour immediately.”

‘Immigration regime’

An SNP spokesman said: “The Scottish Tories’ desperation to pass judgment on a tweet while utterly failing to condemn the immigration regime of their bosses in the Westminster government speaks volumes.

“While some people appear determined to be offended regardless of what SNP politicians say, there are fewer things more offensive than a policy which threatens to jail desperate refugees for the crime of trying to save their own lives – and the lives of their infant children – and it is essential such callous policies are called out.”

The Standards Commission for Scotland has been contacted for comment.

Meanwhile, Police Scotland is looking into claims that Celtic striker Leigh Griffiths, pictured left,  sent inappropriate messages to a second teenage girl on social media.

The player was sent home from Celtic’s training base in Wales last week while allegations of improper online behaviour were investigated.

It is understood the allegations surrounded claims he sent private online messages to an underage girl.

Officers have now been alerted to a second image linked to a teenager.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “We are aware of the social media content and the matter is currently being assessed.”

Celtic has been approached for a comment on the development, which was first reported in the Daily Record.

Griffiths, who joined Celtic from from Wolverhampton Wanderers in 2014, this month signed a new one-year contract extension with the Scottish Premiership club.

The 30-year-old striker had not been a regular starter under Neil Lennon then caretaker manager John Kennedy last season.

He had been criticised by Lennon for his physical condition on his return after lockdown.

Griffiths was also left out of the Scotland squad for the Euro 2020 finals.

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  1. Thanks Bill. First, allow me to clarify the situation. I am doing you a favour. You and the rest of the God Squad and the Ungodly others know full well that bearing false witness is not on. You should know both true and false but let’s say, for the sake of appearances, you only want to be associated with one side of the moral coin. You are the “truth tellers.” Well that was Satan’s Gift to every liar and crook on the planet who wished to hide their lying, thieving and killing. They are all “truth tellers.”

    Now viz “refugees.” That can be true or false. Here we fly the Palestinian Flag. Post-WW2 the UK Gov created Israel….and Palestinian refugees. Lots went to Syria. They are in the Syrian Arab Army. Palestinians were in the front line and led the battle for the Liberation of Aleppo, Dec 2016. Not the lying traitors who sold out to Israel and the West, the Palestinians who are Syrian allies, the people who supported the Palestinians against Israel from day one.

    Now, courtesy of UK/ScotGov we have “Syrian Refugees” here. It’s an easy con trick to play. Western warmongering imperialists, NATO member states/allies, identify with “peace, love, saving lives, freedom, democracy and human rights.” They say. They appeal to people’s good nature to obscure what is really happening. Conversely, NATO also know how to defend and gain support for their military actions. What do people hate? The “Bad Man.” So, you get the Labour et al “peace lovers” baying for the blood of the “Bad Man” and demanding military action. It’s easy to mobilise “peace lovers” you just give them something to hate. Deploy myriad MSM/social media, NGOs, charities, think tanks, trust funds and foundations, disinformation and counterintelligence and “Bob’s your uncle.” A 24/7 mass marketing operation to support war.

    That means HYBRID WAR. “All options are on the table,” they say. So, over and above very expensive conventional military interventions they use political, economic and proxy forces to attack their enemies, overtly and covertly.

    So, who are the “Syrian Refugees?” They’re Syrian opposition. That includes the head choppers, Al Qaeda, DAESH, Muslim Brotherhood et al. And the White Helmets. Put Bible John in a skirt with a couple of kids and you’ve got the picture. They’re UK/ScotGov military assets.

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