Pictured above: The public toilets at Havoc Shore in Dumbarton were vandalised before being demolished by the Council.

By Rob Edwards in The Ferret

At least 25 beaches across Scotland were contaminated with sewage in breach of safety limits in June and July, according to the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa).

Sewers have overflowed and animal faeces washed into the sea, endangering the health of swimmers and surfers in Dumfries and Galloway, Ayrshire, Argyll, Highland, Aberdeenshire, Fife and Lothian.

The worst polluted bathing water was at Saltcoats and Ardrossan in North Ayrshire, where a sample taken on 16 June recorded concentrations of faecal bacteria 30 times the safety limit.

Don’t be fooled by the flowers about swimming at places like Havoc Shore in Dumbarton.

Saltcoa –etts at the Fair is nothing to sing about. It’s a scatological nightmare.  Read all about it. The full story about this and other beaches is on The Ferret website.

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  1. Is this the report you were talking about Bill? Yeah! I knew the SEPA guy who used to do that going back. You have got to get your priorities right Bill. We need all the tax payers’ money we can get to blow up other countries and support the arms trade.

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