POLITICS: Alex Cole-Hamilton is the new leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats  


Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP is the new leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats.

Speaking as the announcement was made at an event in his constituency, Mr Cole-Hamilton, pictured left, declared that Scotland needs “new hope”.

Alex Cole-Hamilton said:  “After everything we’ve been through, Scotland needs new hope right now.

“Scottish Liberal Democrats can inspire people again as we have managed to do right here in west Edinburgh, where they came to us in record numbers, and we can do it across the country.

“Under my leadership the Scottish Liberal Democrats will fight the climate emergency with ferocity but without the baggage of nationalism, value carers and those they care for, stand for human rights, offer new hope for business big and small, reach for the best education in the world and deliver the standard of public services our people are clamouring for.

“We turn a new page in the history of the Scottish Liberal Democrats and look forward with new hope and brimming confidence to a brighter chapter in the future of our country.”

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