Democrat editor Bill Heaney with Pauline McLean, arts editor of BBC Scotland;  Maire O’Halloran, of Clifden Bookshop; PR consultant Petra McMillan and Kirsty Wark, of BBC Newsnight.

Bill Heaney’s book, All Our Yesterdays, deals with Lennox, Scotland’s old red rose county of Dunbartonshire, which included Dumbarton, Vale of Leven, Helensburgh and Loch Lomondside.

This social history deals with the people and the places, where and how they lived, who they were and where they worked.

Packed with stunning photographs, it will bring memories rushing back, some happy, some sad, of the people who have gone before, old places, high days and holidays.

It’s a fabulous read for people who want to take time out to reminisce about the past, pure nostalgia.

And it will make a great birthday or Christmas present for people at home and abroad. It’s a must read of remarkable reminiscences, especially for those who lived through the 20th century and who want to remember the way we were in West Dunbartonshire.

You can order your copy now by e-mail at

This book and a second book cost £20 each post and package included.

A third book, How Are Things in Connemara, costs the same.

Bank details:  Virgin Money. Mr W Heaney 82-62-11 40040423

Dumbarton Castle picture by Joe Porter

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  1. Do you have a new book out Bill. I got your last one but it seems to have been mislaid when I moved to Fife.
    I was in the Beatson when the removal took a place and I can’t remember the title

    1. Hello Willie,
      Sorry for not getting back soon. The latest book is Two Minutes Silence. Send me your address and I’ll return a complimentary copy to you. I hope you are well these days. Best regards, Bill

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