TRAVEL: Rest and Be Thankful’s £1.1m debris catch-pit on A83


The new catch-pit has been built between the A83 and nearby hillside.

By Harry Bell

A pit to catch debris from landslides has been completed at a cost of £1.1m on the A83 at the Rest and Be Thankful in Argyll.

The area in a glen near Arrochar is infamous for landslips, road closures and long diversions.

Transport Scotland said the 120m (394ft) long, 12m (39ft) wide catch-pit was capable of holding about 4,500 tonnes of rock and mud.

It is one of series of pits being constructed in the area.

Together the catch-pits will have the potential to store a combined total of almost 20,000 tonnes of debris from landslides coming down on the nearby hillside.

Landslide at Rest and Be Thankful
The A83 has been subject to frequent landslips, most recently in 2020.

Construction of the recently completed catch-pit began in September last year following an initial clear-up of major slides in the area in 2020.

Earlier this year, the preferred route to replace the landslide-hit section of the A83 was announced.

Transport Scotland had consulted on 11 “route corridor options” to improve travel through the area.

A route through Glen Croe near the existing road was identified.

Karen Hood, second left,  with some of her pals at a night out.

Meanwhile,  Karen Hood, who was an advertising executive with the Lennox Herald before she left and then they closed their Dumbarton office, has been cycling along the new and much improved route to the West Highlands.

That’s a matter of 124 miles or so. It’s not for the unfit or faint-hearted though, as Karen told someone who congratulated her on her feat and told her they would like to have a go at it themselves.

Karen told them: “Thank you 🙏  No one starts at 124 miles. If you do, start at  5, next time try 10, if you do 15 throw in a cake and coffee stop and try 20, but however many miles you do enjoy them and make them fun. ❤️

Super fit Karen Hood at the Rest and Be Thankful.

Diversion route


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