By Hugh Jordan

It must be because I’ve lived a long time, but it seems I post on Facebook at least one obituary every day.
My friend Robin Watson (pictured right on the album cover above) has died. With fellow musician Gordon Menzies, he plied his trade as one half of Gaberlunzie for over 50 years.
A full 46 years have passed since we spent a great night together in Forfar making the live album shown here.
When I first met them, they were both officers in the City of Glasgow Police. But in 1972, after they recorded a song about Bloody Sunday, they were suspended and later dismissed by Chief Constable Sir David McNee, pictured right, once Deputy Chief Constable of Dunbartonshire and Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.
He called it an act of treason. I don’t think it could happen these days. Robin’s version of The Broom o’ the Cowdenknowes, is the best I’ve heard. For those who are wondering, Gaberlunzie is an old Scotch word for a beggar’s purse. Goodbye my dear friend.
Dunbartonshire born Hugh Jordan is one of Northern Ireland’s leading journalists. 

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