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West Dunbartonshire Council have just scored an own goal by telling the electorate that publication of their annual accounts has been delayed — because of Covid.

A notice on the council website states: “Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, West Dunbartonshire Council is postponing the publication of the audited annual accounts for the period from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021 which are normally required to be published by 30 September. This postponement is made using powers contained in the Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020.

“The audited accounts will be published as soon as reasonably practicable. We anticipate that the audited accounts will be published no later than 30 November 2021.”
The notices states that further information is available at….
Sceptical members of the public have responded on social media with uncomplimentary remarks about the council. A bit harsh that, don’t you think, gentle reader? Not a bit of it, I say.
But the remark that will sting members and loyal staff most is this one: “When will the Council Offices be opening up again?”
This barb suggests that that lead swinging is going on and I fear that if SNP administration leader Cllr Jonathan McColl discoveres where it came from the sender will be sentenced to hanging, birching or possibly even being boiled in oil.
Alan is unlikely to get away with just being banned and boycotted as I was for my unwelcome remark to a press officer when the assembled management team were engaged in throwing me out of a council meeting for complaining about not being able to hear what was going on.
Just think that’s two grand a week for being a bouncer.
Alan Cowie will be in trouble with this humourless bunch for his witty  post in response to the announcement: “I’ll be postponing my council tax payment also then due to Covid 😎😎.  I’ll try and get it to you at some point.”
And Laura Lyon could face the wrath of Lumberjon McColl for her “Oh me too!” support for Mr Cowie.

Curmudgeonly doesn’t cut it with Council leader McColl and Chief Executive Joyce White.

Laura asked: “What has the pandemic got to do with the publication of annual accounts.” and I suppose that’s reasonable given it can’t be hard to do some number crunching (bean counting?) even if you are working from home.


Accountant joke: Why did your son become an accountant Mrs MacWhachle? Because he did not have the personality to become an economist, Mr Abacus.
Conrad Gross asked: “Why would the pandemic mean that this needs to be postponed,” and John Swseeney said: “U coudnt make it up let’s blame everything on covid. Ffs get a grip 💩🤡💩.”
Christina Tait had this to say: “So pandemic stops publication of annual report but kids are back to normal at school. Makes sense NOT!”
Tom McConnell weighed in: “This, despite the SNP currently overseeing a minority, coalition council?”
Yvonne Keegan said: “Covid is an amazing virus. It can stop everything that moves.”
Nicola King suggested that the accounts might currently be in quarantine at a Swiss airport 🤔🤣.
Paula Marie kept the best to the last: “When are council offices opening back up?”
And then there was me, here, but not on social media: “I didn’t even notice they had closed.”
They didn’t even pass on their statement about Covid today for readers of The Democrat, but then we don’t really count in their eyes.
And they haven’t actually covered themselves in glory with the handling of that crisis either, have they?
Curmudgeons might be a good collective noun for them. There’s probably an award for that in local government.

Bill Heaney

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  1. Long term holiday, long term sick, the council will never go back onto Church Street.

    Why would you when you’re on the easy street public payroll.

    Shows you how little the Church Street doss House actually delivered.

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