PARLIAMENT: Vaccination certification for wedding

Hello there China!

Jamie Greene (West Scotland) (Con) asked:  As we sat listening to the exchange about vaccination passports, I was contacted by someone from a hospitality venue in the Highlands, who says that it hosts weddings. It is holding one tomorrow night. The person understands that all guests will need to provide evidence of having had two vaccinations to be allowed in. There will be music, dancing and all the rest of it. Some of the guests are family members who are over from China. Will they be allowed in?

The First Minister (Nicola Sturgeon) replied: “As we have made clear, weddings are exempt from the vaccination certification scheme.”

And a great night was had by all, we hear. Ed.

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  1. Covid was and is being used as an exercise in pushing state control and authoritarianism.

    In Canada the military admitted that they were using covid restrictions to understand how population controls could be pushed out and how the populations could be inured to accepting them.

    And in the review of response sentiment companies like Cambridge Analytica have been analysing mass data culled from Facebook and Twitter. As a project the Five Eyes security grouping are at the heart of this. The technology is all their to monitor and control every aspect of everyone’s existence.

    Sturgeon is a bit player doing as she is told, playing at the edges, in her Vichy devolved government.

    Chips for all, like cattle, its coming, inserted in the neck possibly, or the rump, – but for our own good you must realise

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