TRANSPORT: Minister should resign if COP trains don’t run on time.

By Bill Heaney

Scottish Liberal Democrats have today said that Transport Minister Graeme Dey should resign if all train services are not restored in time for the COP26 climate conference.

The call comes after Mr Dey, pictured right,  told Good Morning Scotland that “the signs are not optimistic” that strike action could be averted as the long-running dispute between the RMT, Scotrail and the Scottish Government continues. He also refused to outline the contingency plans for the rail network.

LibDem transport spokesperson Jill Reilly said:   “We are talking about delegates from around the world being unable to attend the most important climate summit of all time. Hotels in Edinburgh and elsewhere are booked out for this conference but their guests are unsure if they will even be able to reach the venue.

“The travelling public have now had six months of reduced services on the railways, it’s not like this has come out of the blue.

“Stewart Stevenson resigned as transport minister after snow and a lack of preparedness brought key roads to a standstill. A rail shutdown would be a failure of equal magnitude. If the trains don’t run smoothly and on time for the duration of COP26, then Graeme Dey should resign.

“The eyes of the world will soon be on Scotland. Ministers need to stop grandstanding and hammer out a deal that gets the trains running.”


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  1. Yes! The SNP have finally arrived at the point of peak lunacy…zenith insanity. What a shambles! Never mind the LibDems. They are barking mad as well. I predict London will just sit back and watch, as “The Flying Scot” ploughs through the buffers. Then they will step in, dissolve the Idiot Parliament and resume full control of the UK again. The idea that there could ever be such a thing as “Scottish Politics” was a superficial and superfluous folly. You need grown up adult people to run a country and I haven’t seen one of those for years. It’s all neo-liberal business studies students, PR, sales, marketing, promos and branding. psyops and quack psychology….imported from the US. You can see where that got them. The US has been reduced to a handful of super rich islands of opulence surrounded by seas of poverty and deprivation. You could not make it up. The US infrastructure is crumbling and their stores are lined with empty shelves. Remember that…that is where Tony Blair and Gordon Brown got their best ideas from. Now the SNP have put a tartan kilt on it we are off to hell in a hand cart. China’s won. The Free World and Western Civilisation are gone.

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