Jackie Baillie, MSP for Dumbarton constituency, said: “Only one  in 10 people who used the SNP’s flagship job creation programme were able to get a job that’s lasted a year.  That’s utterly humiliating and puts our recovery under threat.”

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  1. “Recovery?” lol That’s the longest flogged dead horse on record.PS You mentioned WDC was a “basket case” the other day. It reminded me of Tim Huntingford’s announcement that they were thinking of a name change for WDC because “it did not resonate.” Years back. Oh! It did resonate all right. Every time I went out of the area and mentioned where I came from all I got in reply was “basket case.” It resonated loud and clear! The SNP are running on fumes. They’ve got zero going for here and zero going for Scotland. If it was up to me I would dump the West and roll out the welcome mat to China and Russia. I just heard the Reserve Bank of India is going to trade in Yuan. It’s curtains for the worthless $….and the £.

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