PLANNING: Residents encouraged to participate in project to protect Dumbarton’s heritage

Dumbarton High Street looking towards Riverside Parish Church.

By Lauren Crooks

Residents are being encouraged to take part in a short survey in support of a project which will highlight and preserve Dumbarton’s rich history.
The Council has commissioned a specialist Conservation Area Appraisal report, which will identify the most important aspects of the town centre’s character and appearance.
The report, which will focus on the Conservation Area, has been commissioned to ensure the heritage of the area is kept safe for future generations.
As well as considering the area’s special features and how needs are changing, it will also look at historical development and undertake a detailed analysis of the townscape.
When complete, the Conservation Area Appraisal will be a vital tool in the active management of the conservation area, and will link into the exciting Levelling Up Fund projects at the Artizan Centre and Glencairn House.

Glencairn House and the Artizan Centre in Dumbarton Town Centre.

As part of the project, residents are being asked to get involved in a two-part consultation.
The first phase takes the form of a short survey, asking what people value most about the town centre’s history and heritage. Early next year the feedback received will be shared alongside a further consultation on the initial ideas and opportunities for improving and preserving heritage highlighted by the Appraisal.
Councillor Jim Finn, Chair of Planning, said: “We are all proud of Dumbarton’s rich and varied history, but in order for us to understand what the town’s residents and local community value most about it, we need their views. I would encourage you all to take part in this short survey, and further consultation which is due to take place next year.”
Councillor Diane Docherty, Vice Chair of Planning, added: “Despite the technical title of the report, it will be really important for our area because it will help find funding to preserve and improve the town centre’s history and heritage. I think we can all agree that would be good for the town centre, good for the community and good for business.”
For further information on the project and to take part in the survey, please visit:

SNP Bankies in charge of Dumbarton Town Centre heritage project — planning convener Jim Finn and vice convener Diane Docherty.

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  1. Does Councillor Finn really need to commission a Specialist Conservation Report and survey to question people about what they value in the town centre.

    Having last year been awarded the Plook Award for being one of the most depressing decrepit towns in Scotland why do we need an expensive specialist report.

    The town High Street is a run down mess. The Artisan Way shopping centre is a blot on the landscape. Ditto the council buildings at Bridge Street, Half the Hight Street needs demolished, the other half seriously upgraded.

    But fair play to Councillor Finn for finding the money to engage a specialist consultant to ask people what they think.

    And the other side of the river, with the landfill dump. Anyone got a view on the beauty of that. An absolute carbuncle on the most excellent Levengrove Park.

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