RELIGION: Scottish Bishops postpone restoration of the Sunday Mass Obligation

Announcement from the Catholic Church in Scotland:
At the beginning of Advent the Bishops of Scotland looked forward to welcoming the faithful back to Holy Mass and anticipated that the restoration of the Sunday Obligation, which includes Christmas Day and all other Holydays, might be possible as we begin the New Year. Sadly, there has been a serious worsening of the situation and the restoration of the obligation will be postponed until a more favourable time. For us Sunday is always a Holy Day and we invite those who are unable to be with us in person to continue to join with us in prayer and spiritual communion either by personal or family prayers or by online celebrations of Mass.  We ask everyone to continue to pray for a speedy end to the Pandemic and for the good health of you and your loved ones in 2022. We also pray for all those who passed during 2021 and those who grieve.  May Our Lady Health of the Sick pray for us and may Saints Andrew and Margaret protect us.
Picture: The Nativity scene in the crib at St Patrick’s Church, Dumbarton. Picture by Bill Heaney

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  1. Wee Sturgeon will be delighted about this.

    It takes her all her time to say Christmas such is her disdain for religion. The winter holiday being for her more appropriate in her godless world.

    Looks like the Bishops are anticipating a church lockdown again. Ah well at least the pubs will remain open with restriction to table service. Pity a mass couldn’t be a table service.

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