Most Scots councils use paint which may contribute to global warming

We asked all 32 Scottish councils what kind of paint they use and 24 said it was exclusively, or predominantly, a toxic thermoplastic paint. Eight councils did not comment.

Cold plastic paint is safer, cheaper and more sustainable, according to the European Commission. But many councils still use thermoplastic paint with a global warming potential that could be 136 per cent greater than the alternative. Thermoplastic paint has been ditched by countries such as Austria or Switzerland but is still used in 95 per cent of UK roads.

The environmental impact of thermoplastic comes not just from its lesser durability but also because it needs to be applied in a molten state, meaning a mobile apparatus – usually a lorry with an open air flame – is needed to keep the material at around 200C.

Cold plastic is more durable and does not have to be replaced so often. This reduces the frequency of work zones on the roads and contributes to accident reduction by providing more visibility and keeping roads clear of works for longer periods.

A report commissioned by Transport Scotland, published in 2015, acknowledged problems with the “durability of thermoplastic road markings”. The report showed a Glasgow contractor suggested cold plastic paint as an alternative.

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  1. Everyone knows this is all a con. Total theatre. I’m only going to say this one more time. Global warming is not just happening…THEY WANT IT TO HAPPEN. The Greta deal and XR ….are a front for a $multi-trillion global biz plan led by Wall St. Disaster capitalism’s finest are running the show. You have to be off your rocker to believe these warmongering imperialists who have butchered millions give a hoot about you or the climate.

  2. Passing wind contributes to global warming and there are millions of us too. Billions if you count the worldwide populace.

    I am therefore worried more about the expulsion of gas from my fellow citizens than a bit of ballotini laden thermo plastic. Farting, to use the more ordinary word is a problem

    But not all farters are equal. Some are absolutely prodigious in their output. The human equivalent of gas guzzlers. What’s more some spout gas from the other end too – Hollyrood being the example – it could power a small town with gas to spare.

    But the encourage is to eat beans. Legumes they say, as opposed to meat eating will save the planet. Well I know about beans. We all do and can you imagine the trumpet voluntary if we all ate beans. Bermuda shorts time at the top of Cairngorm – it’s a dichotomy.

    Surprised really that the SG don’t have a policy on this. It’s a serious business together so it is. .

    Maybe the ferret could investigate and report

  3. And here’s a other thought.

    Maybe some form of rating could be given to our politicians right here in the Dumbarton Council Chambers.

    Like the energy rating A to F all the politicos could be ranked on their gas output.

    The ranker the better so to speak I think its a great idea and I know who I’ve got at the top of the list.

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