New Glenside homes welcome first families

Katie Jenkinson and her son Finlay, aged 8, are among the first residents in the new Muir Road homes

Katie Jenkinson and her son Finlay at the new Muir Road homes.

By Lucy Ashton

The first four families have moved into a new Dumbarton housing estate – part of a multimillion pound regeneration scheme.

They did so after the local council gave planning permission for the next phase of the project, part-funded by the Scottish Government, to improve housing availability in the area.

Last month the council  approved proposals to demolish a number of  flats in Bellsmyre to make way for 140 new homes with 62 expected to be completed by May this year.

Andrew Kilpatrick,  council director of assets, said: “It is great news that phase one of the Bellsmyre regeneration is coming into fruition with families moving into their new homes.

“It is also welcome news to get planning approval for the next phase of the regeneration programme to help build a better Bellsmyre.

Bellsmyre View

Bellsmyre view from the new houses – but only if you are looking out the back window.

“Creating new homes at Muir Road is a real milestone and we will be handing over keys for the much-needed affordable housing, from now until the development is completed in the early Summer.

“Many of the new tenants moving in have been in alternative decant accommodation for two years, whilst they waited for the development to be completed. We are so pleased we can now welcome them to a high-quality new home.”

The brownfield site along Muir Road, which ran through the now demolished Glenside scheme, is the first phase of Caledonia Housing Association’s multi-million pound regeneration for Bellsmyre.

Dilveer Kaur Hoonjan, the lead project architect at ECD Architects, said: “It’s great to see tenants now moving into their homes at Muir Road.

“We are delighted to receive planning approval with the positive feedback we have received from the community and West Dunbartonshire Council for this project for Caledonia Housing Association. We look forward to seeing the project progress over the coming months.”

The planning permission approval is to build a further 140 new homes and improve community amenities in the wider Bellsmyre area.

The ambitious plans for the £40 million regeneration include new homes to replace many of the original tenements.

The way it was – Glenside flats in Muir Road (bottom right) and the old Bellsmyre high flats.

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